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Fremont Market Insights

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Located on the southeast side of the San Francisco Bay, Fremont is the fourth most populous city in the Bay Area and California's 15th largest city. Fremont is located within Alameda County.

Fremont has a historic beginning dating back to 1797. The Fremont area was first settled when Spaniard Father Fermin de Lasuen founded Mission San Jose, the 14th California Mission – located about 15 miles northeast of the Pueblo of San Jose, near the foot of Mission Peak. From 1912 to 1916, Fremont’s Niles district became the earliest home to California's motion picture industry. Charlie Chaplin filmed several movies in the Fremont area, most notably The Tramp. During the 1980s to the late 1990s, Fremont experienced a boom in high-tech employment, especially in the Warm Springs District, linking the City to the famous Silicon Valley brand name. Apple’s first Mac computer manufacturing plant was located in Fremont. Today, Fremont is home to a broad variety of innovative companies, including over 1,200 high-tech, life science, and clean technology firms.

With its moderate climate and its proximity to major universities, shopping areas, recreation and cultural activities, employment centers, major airports, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, Fremont captures metropolitan living at its best. Residents are attracted to Fremont for its nationally-recognized high-ranking public schools, its numerous well-kept parks, and a variety of recreational amenities, including beautiful Lake Elizabeth, Central Park, and Mission San José.

Fremont is conveniently served by I-680 and I-880, as well as rail transport lines Altamont Commuter Express (ACE), Amtrak Capitol Corridor, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system. Fremont also has easy access to the San Jose Airport, Oakland Airport, San Francisco Airport, and the Port of Oakland; this makes Fremont one of the premiere locations for commuters.


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Neighborhood Summary For Sale


Median List Price For Sale Properties
  • Beds
  • Baths
  • Sq. Ft.
  • Price
  • $/Sq.Ft
  • Average
  • Beds3.03
  • Baths2.65
  • Sq. Ft.2561.14
  • Price$1,584,274
  • $/Sq.Ft.$761
  • Low
  • Beds0
  • Baths0
  • Sq. Ft.693
  • Price$120,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$58
  • High
  • Beds7
  • Baths10
  • Sq. Ft.27007
  • Price$9,998,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$1,687
  • Median
  • Beds3
  • Baths2
  • Sq. Ft.1565
  • Price$1,297,341
  • $/Sq.Ft.$772

Neighborhood Summary Pending


Median List Price Pending Properties
  • Beds
  • Baths
  • Sq. Ft.
  • Price
  • $/Sq.Ft
  • Average
  • Beds2.92
  • Baths2.88
  • Sq. Ft.2682.9
  • Price$1,249,371
  • $/Sq.Ft.$705
  • Low
  • Beds0
  • Baths0
  • Sq. Ft.593
  • Price$150,000
  • $/Sq.Ft.$6
  • High
  • Beds5
  • Baths5
  • Sq. Ft.106007
  • Price$3,699,999
  • $/Sq.Ft.$1,155
  • Median
  • Beds3
  • Baths3
  • Sq. Ft.1737
  • Price$1,247,880
  • $/Sq.Ft.$664

Neighborhood Summary Sold